10 Things to Know Before PCSing to Hawaii

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Here are 10 things to know before PCSing to Hawaii.

  1. The weather is glorious all year.
  2. There are no snakes in Hawaii.
  3. You can surf, snorkel, boogie board, golf, hike, swim, scuba, sail and / or stand up paddle all year round.
  4. You can ship a car to Hawaii.
  5. There are commissaries and BXs at most of the bases.
  6. There are a good mix of public and private schools around the island.
  7. You'll probably get a lot of visitors from the mainland.
  8. There's traffic but it's not too bad.
  9. There are hundreds of things to do and see on all the islands.
  10. You'll never want to leave!

Bonus: You can also buy a house when you get here.  Even if you're just thinking about it, please give me a call at 808-724-4629, I'd love to help.  

10 things you need to know before PCSing to Hawaii