3 Strange Questions Potential Buyers Might Ask

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Are you considering listing your home for sale now, or in the near future? If so, you have probably come to terms with the notion that you'll soon be having strangers tour through your home asking all kinds of questions about it. In today's blog post we'll take a look at three strange questions that buyers might ask and how your real estate agent might approach answering them.


"Is This House Haunted?"


You might have gotten a laugh when you read that, but questions about paranormal activity and ghosts are more common than you think. Many people have beliefs and superstitions about ghosts, ghouls, demons and other spirits that may haunt homes. Any home that has a had a death in it, the death and the manner of the death must be disclosed.  Learning that someone has died in your house – even if it was long before you owned the place – is sometimes enough for some potential buyers to pass and move on to the next listing.

It's not uncommon for someone to think the house may be haunted for this very reason.


"Is Anything Buried In The Backyard?"


Many families have owned a pet that has grown old or otherwise perished. Think about it.  Where did they get buried? It really isn't that unusual for a family to have deceased pets in their backyard, thinking that it is a good final resting place. Especially if the home has a big back yard or the owners thought they were going to live there forever. However, if you decide to sell, and you have a buried pet in the backyard, be sure to let your real estate agent know.

Imagine the startling surprise for the next family to live there, especially if they have a dog that enjoys digging up the turf.


"Have There Been Any Infestations?"


Asking about pest problems is a bit less on the strange side of things, but it is one question that is almost certain to come up. It's also mandatory disclosure in Hawaii.  Visitors will want to know if your home has experienced mice, rats, termites, ants, cockroaches and a variety of other plagues. Some of these will make sense for your home or the area you live – termites in a wood-framed house, for example – while others will make no sense at all.


Some of the many questions you might get while showing your home to potential buyers. If something seems a bit funny, be polite and answer thoughtfully! For tips on listing or more real estate advice from our team professional agents who know what they're doing- contact us now -we've got answers for anything that comes up!"


strange questions buyers might ask


Cover photo by Eunice Lituañas on Unsplash