4 Home Staging Ideas That Won't Break Your Bank

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Staging is one of the most important aspects of any home sale, especially when selling your home in Hawaii. The more attractive your home is to potential buyers, the faster you can finalize the sale and move on. With that in mind, let's explore four home staging ideas that won't cost a fortune but are sure to impress your buyers.


#1: Clean Your Home Until It Sparkles


You know what they say about a spotless home? Well, after the first one is so clean that potential buyers will be able to see their reflection in every surface. And we're not just talking about dusting! Your floors need an extra-special deep cleaning with soap and hot water until no more dirt lingers on them - this includes all floor surfaces such as carpets or hardwood floors (even if you think they look good enough). If there's anything left behind from inhabitance, rest assured someone else has felt it too; these types of people pay attention when walking through homes because this tells them so much information other than "you like how nice my place looks."


#2: Get Some New Slip Covers And Sheet Sets


If you're tired of looking at your dated furniture, invest in new slip covers. These can be color matched to the rest of a room's palette so that it fits right in and makes everything look cohesive without being too overwhelming or overpowering! It is also a great idea for every bed frame (and all other surfaces) within each bedroom have matching sheets on them as well--the bedrooms don't need hotel-like standards but they should still look good.


#3: Put Better Lighting In Important Rooms


It's time to change your lighting! If you're still using outdated, dull bulbs for fixtures and lamps it is a good idea to invest in newer LED or compact fluorescent lights. It is best if these colors match with the rest of your room so that they don't clash together; alternatively have an expert come take care of high traffic areas like hallways and stairs because this can be difficult to judge on one’s own home.


#4: Plants Can Spice Things Up!

The fresh air and natural beauty of a houseplant is something that will make your home feel more alive. There are so many types to choose from, like easy-care Clematis which come in various colors such as purple or white! You can also add some color with flower bouquets if you're looking for something brighter; they only need water when their leaves start wilt because flowers last much longer than plants do after being purchased--and sometimes even long enough before they die off completely once again.  Better still is to get some native Hawaiian plants or a stunning Bird of Paradise.


Picking up just one plant could be all it takes to spruce things up for a sale of your beautiful Hawaiian home.


Spending a few hours and a few dollars on staging is an investment that will pay off immensely when you sell your home. If you are thinking about listing your home for sale, or for more staging tips, contact our real estate team. We are happy to share our experience and help get your home sold quickly at a great


Photo by Francesca Tosolini on Unsplash