5 Ways Driverless Cars Will Change Your Home

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The coming shift to driverless cars is going to have major implications for our homes, and the way we live. Driverless vehicles are on their way soon enough!

Get rid of your car

Do you find it strange to think that in the future, people might get rid of their car entirely? I don't. Car ownership is shifting from cars being owned as a weekly or monthly expense and being replaced with services like Uber who allow for on-demand use.

City dwellers are already starting see this transition happen especially because they can take advantage of using these ride sharing apps which make getting around easier without having an expensive vehicle sitting outside your home all day long just waiting for someone else's need!

I can't wait to get rid of my car so I can use a ride sharing service, whether it is with a driverless car or not.

Eventually only a very few people will actually own an automobile.

There's more than a few ways in which they'll change how you think about life, traveling and your home.

Goodbye Garage

We could add three new rooms to our house overnight if we didn't need garages for our cars.

Imagine all the uses of your home garage. Take off the garage door and add a wall.

No more fiddling with garage door openers either. Turn your home garage into a home theater or an indoor driving range with nets.

There are dozens of other activities you could be doing with your extra space.

New homes could be built with out garages, driveways or car ports. High rises would no longer need an accompanying parking garage. The possibilities are endless.

New home renovation industry

An entire industry will be decimated. No more garage doors, garage door openers, garage door repair, etc. Just like buggy whips, residential garages will be a thing of the past.

Instead the home renovation industry will receive a huge boost as homeowners search for ideas on what to do with their newfound space.

Smaller Streets

Driverless cars are going to change the way we design and use our streets.

With fewer people owning cars, it will be possible for city planners to remove roadside parking spaces, parking lots and parking garages.

They'll know

Streets could become narrower and less obtrusive if only driverless cars are using them. They will know how to sequence themselves without the use of traffic lights or signs.

If you love beautiful big front lawns, the coming change to driverless cars will make you happy. Residential neighborhoods would only need narrow lanes just wide enough to fit two self driving cars since they will be able to pass or maneuver around each other with precision.

More Green Space

Finally, expect to see a lot more green space around your house in the future. You will have more space for landscaping, flower beds, gardens, trees and other yard fixtures.

There won't be any need for a driveway either. Imagine a street without driveways, curbs or roadsigns.

They just won't be necessary.

You'll Have More Money

Cars cost money. There's just no getting around that. It ranges from about 25 cents per mile to own and operate a car all the way up to about 75 cents.

This includes gas, insurance, wear and tear, maintenance etc over the life of the car.

If you own two cars and drive them 12,000 miles a year each then you are paying about $12,000 a year or $1000 a month to own and have two cars.

Car subscription

What if I could offer you 1000 miles a month in a driverless car for $250 a month. You could have two subscriptions and still only spend $500 a month.

The only inconvenience would be you might have to wait 5 or 10 minutes each time you wanted to go somewhere.

You'd have $500 extra each month to spend on other things besides a car.

You'll Have More Time

You'll have more time because you won't have to drive.

You'll have more time because you won't have to maintain a car.

You'll have more time because there won't be any more traffic. Ever.

You'll have more time because you'll be able to get work done while you are riding in a car.

You'll always be a passenger.

The future

Imagine taking a family vacation and instead of leaving early in the morning and driving all day a driverless car picks you up in the evening and you and your family sleep through the night as your car carries you to your destination.

While you're asleep the driverless car is zipping along interstate 90 on a moonless night, passing other driverless cars silently in the night.

Cool. Right?


There are few who doubt that driverless cars are going to cause a major shift in how we live, work and move from place to place.

If you're looking to take advantage of this shift when you buy your next home, contact us. Our team of real estate professionals will be happy to share excellent home listings that will be perfect for those looking to change how they use their car.


Photo courtesy: Driving_Google_Self-Driving_Car.jpg: Steve Jurvetson