Buying a New Home? Move Easier With These 3 Tips

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The prospect of moving into a new home can be exciting, but you may find yourself hinging on the idea with dread - thinking about all those things that need to go. In today's blog post we will explore three tips for purging old unwanted or forgotten items before making your move into town!

A fresh start means getting rid of everything from furniture and clothing in boxes (and even trash bags) containing reminders from years past; don't be afraid to take this leap. 


Start with sorting items


Start with sorting.  Create 3 separate piles or rooms for three categories of items: definitely must get rid of, not sure, and definitely must keep.  For larger items use different colored stickies.  You won't have to make any definitive decisions during this phase and it will allow you to think about some sentimental items more clearly.  The items that are must go are then separated further into, what goes to the dump and what items go up for sale or are given away.

Sorting is very cathartic and if you're doing this with family can alleviate the stress by agreeing beforehand that none of the decisions are final, or each individual gets a certain amount of items that are must movers.


Host a yard sale


If you want to make the most of your yard sale, go ahead and advertise. Put up signs in advance or have them ready on Saturday morning when people walk by for their usual rounds; this will let neighbors know what's going down without any pesky flyers plastered all over town! You could also try advertising online through apps like Craigslist where there may not be as many distractions while looking at items one might buy from someone else just selling things they no longer need themselves (and never having had much luck). 


Here's a handy link for a great article on how to host a garage sale.


You can also sell items on facebook.  Maybe there's a neighborhood facebook group you can sell your items on.

You may also want to consider calling up local consignment shops to see if they'll take some of your unwanted goods. A consignment store will sell your items for you and keep a portion of the sale price as a fee. This can be a useful option if you have antiques or other goods that are more popular with an older crowd.


Donate Everything Else


Is there anything left in your home? If so, it's time to donate this last bit of unwanted clothing and furniture. Many charitable organizations will come pick up the items from where you live which saves on driving a load over somewhere else! Call up one charity or organization first before referring yourself out as they may have referral partners that can help find what you're looking for locally.


Purging your older or unwanted items is a surefire way to make your move easier. If you're in the market for a new home, or for more information about real estate opportunities in the local area, contact me today. 

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