Downsizing? Here's What You Can Expect

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Whether you're downsized from your large house to an apartment or condo, it can be difficult when there are too many rooms that go unoccupied. In today's article we'll share some tricks for making the transition feel less like a downgrade and more like home!


Why Downsize Your Home?


As you might imagine, having too much space is the primary reason that couples and families downsize. Larger homes cost more to maintain and can feel empty if it's just one or two people living there. In many cases clutter tends build up as well because storage gets filled with old items over time (and who wants their home cluttered?). Downsizing provides an opportunity for homeowners not only conserve money but also live in a house comfortably without feeling like they're crowding each other out!

It will generally save you money and time.  You'll save money on upkeep and utilities.  You'll save time by having to spend less time cleaning and maintaining your home.


Are You Ready to Downsize?


Another consideration that you will need to make: are you ready to move? If you and your spouse are both retired then you no longer need to live near where you work.  Additionally, you might also be thinking about moving nearer your kids or grand kids.


Don't forget that if you own the house you are living in now, this might mean having to list and sell it while buying your new home. This is a common situation and isn't a significant problem, but it will require a bit of scheduling and financial planning.  You can search for your new home while you are selling your current home.  We do this all the time at Coldwell Banker.  In fact I just did this for a recent client of mine.  Call me about this option if you have concerns at 808-724-4629.


Choosing What to Keep When You Downsize?

Ask any couple or family that has downsized their home about the toughest part, and many will share that it was choosing what stays and what goes. When space is at a premium, everything from shoes to appliances needs to be considered.


Spend some time going through each room in your house, taking an inventory of what you have. Are there any family heirlooms or other emotional items that you can't part ways with? After that, is there anything that will be usable in your new home? Everything else should be considered fair game. Sell it, donate it or toss it out.


Moving to a smaller home can seem challenging at first, but it is a lifestyle choice that can pay significant dividends. When you are ready to make a move, contact our professional real estate team. After discussing your wants and needs, we will be happy to recommend some perfect local listings.


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