Hawaii Homeowner Tax Exemption

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The Hawaii Homeowner Tax Exemption

This an exemption of $100,000 of assessed value for owner occupant taxpayers under the age of 65 and $140,000 for those 65 and older

These amounts are subtracted from a home's total assessed value to determine the new taxable value.

You have until September 30 of each year to file for the following year but only have to sign up once.

You'll save approximately $350 or $490 per year in property taxes depending on your exemption.

It literally takes less than two minutes to fill out the on line form here.

You'll need your Parcel ID Tax Map Key (TMK#) which can be found on your annual Real Property Notice of Assessment or you can contact me at 808-724-4629 and I'll find it for you on MLS.

You can also download the Hawaii Homeowner Tax Exemption Form here.
You'll have to fill this form out or hand deliver it.
Simple and easy to do.
Good luck and let me know if you need any assistance.
hawaii homeowner taxe exemption