How Curb Appeal Can Pump Up Your Hawaiian Home

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Remember the excitement of looking for your first home?  See if you can think back to that time. What do you remember the most? Was it the master bedroom or the kitchen that caught your eye?  Probably not, it was most likely how the home looked from the outside.  Or how it looked when you pulled up to the curb.

The concept of 'curb appeal' – that is, how your home appears when viewing from the curb – is an important one.  It was important when you bought the home and now it's even more important when you are selling your home.

First Impressions Count

Your home's first impression counts and will last forever in the minds of potential buyers.. If your paint is fading or chipped, your siding is damaged, your roof is in disrepair or your gutters are hanging loose, prospective buyers will notice and it will be hard for them to get over it. Buyers might also be thinking, if this is wrong, what else is going on with the house that I can't see.

Your goal is to sell your home as fast as you can for as much as you can.  This first impression is super important. If your house looks like it's in perfect shape from the outside, potential buyers will want to explore further.

Capture The Attention of the "Drive By" Home Buyers

You may not be aware, but many potential home buyers won't bother connecting with your real estate agent or showing up to open house events. Instead they'll drive by get a feel for how the house and property look from outside before deciding if it's worth their while inside looking around more closely themselves! Peak condition matters most during this stage of the sales process - make sure that all exterior elements are pristine at any given moment in order not give away an advantage over other houses on offer near you.

Out Shine Your Neighbors

Home buyers often compare the curb appeal of homes on a street or neighborhood level. If you want your house to sell for more than others, make sure it has an attractive exterior design that will attract attention from potential clients!

Trim Your Hedges and Declutter Your Yard

A well manicured lawn, trimmed hedges, edged sidewalks and an uncluttered appearance will go a long way towards standing out from the crowd.

When you're ready to list your home for sale, our professional real estate team will be happy to share some more curb appeal tips. Give me a call at your convenience. I look forward to connecting with you.


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