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Before you list your real estate in Hawaii, make sure you give yourself every chance to make a quick sale – one that will bring you what you want for a listing price. By making the following repairs or upgrades, you will realize your seller goals and make selling your real estate easier and less complicated.

If you wish to sell your Hawaii home, remember that bigger home renovations are for buyers, not sellers. Therefore, to sell your home faster, you just need to focus on those renovations that can be done fairly fast and for less money. The following list will show you how to begin.

Begin with the Outside

Improve Your Home’s Exterior and Landscaping

Your landscaping makes a great deal of difference in how your home is perceived. That means pruning overgrown hedges and bushes and planting colorful flowerbeds. Keep your lawn cut and trimmed, and make sure people can see your home from the street. You don’t want what you are selling to be hidden from view.

Revive Your Home’s Exterior

You can save lots of time and money by painting the trim and doors. However, if your home is the wrong color, you may have to spend more money. The colors for the outside of your home should work well with its design, and have widespread appeal. Colors, such as light tan, pale yellow, light blue-gray, off-white, and white are popular color choices.

Also, have your roof inspected and make sure it is in good shape. You don’t want to sell a home with a tattered-looking roof that leaks. If your home’s exterior is just a bit tired looking, give it a facelift by replacing worn hardware or door knockers, switching out damaged storm windows or screens, and making sure the outside lights are in working order.

Get Rid of the Outside Clutter

Don’t leave distracting clutter in the driveway and yard, or on the patio – remove items, such as additional tools, furniture, and toys.

Clean the Windows

The idea, when selling a home, is to make the inside look bright and inviting. Windows with spots, or which haven’t been washed, tend to drag down the looks of a house. Wash your windows or have them cleaned, especially if they are dingy and dusty and blocking out the sunlight as well as the outside view.

Work on the Inside

Have Your House Deep-cleaned

One of the best ways to increase buyer interest is to have your home deep-cleaned. If you want to make a good first impression, this is the way to do it. Keep up a cleaning routine as long as you have your home on the market. You should vacuum and dust each day and keep the bathrooms and kitchen spotless.

Make Your Home Smell Homey

Another way to increase buyer interest is to use potpourri or bake cookies to give your house a homier scent. First, air out your house by opening the windows or running a fan when it rains. Avoid cooking anything that leaves a greasy or lingering odor. Scents that smell nice include lemon or apple-cinnamon. Remember – the buyer is not just buying a house, he or she is buying a home.

De-clutter Your Interior

Since you will be moving, you may as well get rid of the extraneous clutter inside your home now. Depersonalize your living space by getting rid of the knick-knacks, family pictures, and mementos. This allows the buyer to see himself or herself living in the house. Rent a storage space to store the excess items. After all, closets and pantries look more appealing than over-stuffed cabinets anytime.

Improve the Looks of the Floors

One thing a buyer really notices is how a house’s floors look. In fact, when he or she first enters a house, the floor is what first meets their eyes. Polish hardware floors, shampoo carpets and rugs, and replace broken tiles and linoleum.

Repaint the Walls

Make selling your home a reality by brightening up the interior walls or neutralizing their color. Remove old wallpaper and repaint with off-white paint to make your rooms buyer-friendly.

Carefully Survey What You Are Selling

The best way to approach these fix-ups is walk around the outside of your home first, then inspect the inside. Be objective in your evaluation. Also, think about how much you are willing to spend to make some upgrades. You want to make it difficult for a buyer to say “no” to buying your real estate.

Place Yourself in the Buyer’s Shoes

Think about what you would like to see as a buyer. For example, you might need to make a small renovation to your bathroom and update the faucet or sink. Buyers pay particular notice to the kitchen and bathrooms because they are the most-used areas in the house. Therefore, real estate purchasers really do not want to renovate these areas. They are more likely to buy your house if the bathrooms and kitchen have already been upgraded.

Also, consider this: your resale value goes up if your front and back yards are nicely maintained. In fact, a home’s value can go up by thousands of dollars if the backyard and front yard feature solar lighting, pruned bushes and shrubs, and walkways that are free of cracks or chips. If you have a fence, paint it or replace it if it is broken down or shows signs of corrosion or rust.

Make Deferred Repairs

By evaluating the condition of your property on the inside and outside, and making the needed improvements, you will attract more buyers and feel more confident about selling your home. When you sell your home, a buyer expects it to be in decent condition. That means you need to ensure that your roof does not leak, the paint is not chipped or peeling, and your home’s heating, cooling, plumbing, and electrical systems are in good repair.

Buyers will not pay a premium for any repairs you need to make along these lines, as they represent work you should be regularly performing. Therefore, what you pay for making the repairs will usually not be recouped in a higher sales price. However, you need to make the repairs if you want to sell your home more quickly. The best way to decide how to proceed is to speak to an experienced real estate agent before you place your house on the market.

Arrange for a Pre-sale Inspection to Play It Safe

Hiring a home inspector can also help greatly in selling your house more quickly. He or she can alert you to any issues that could ruin a potential home sale. Avoid any surprises about unknown repairs when you escrow your real estate.

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