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Thinking of selling your Hawaii home?  Reports from the National Association Realtors show that almost 50% of the agents for buyers believe that staging makes a difference in how a buyer views a home. Around 77% believe staging makes it simpler for home purchasers to see a property as their own. In addition, approximately 20% of the agents, who represent sellers, state that staging increases a home’s value by around 8%, while 40% of the agents surveyed state that staging reduces the time a home stays on the market.

9 Helpful Staging Tips

When you look at this data, you cannot ignore the benefits to you, the seller, in staging your home for sale. Whether you are thinking of selling or want to add some life to a stagnant listing, the following staging tips will help you sell your home more quickly and make money.

1. Stage the Rooms Where It Truly Counts

Not all the rooms in a home are considered equal when it comes to staging. Some are more important than others. You want to focus your efforts on the room that have the most influence on the buying public. These rooms include the kitchen, master bedroom, and living room. Therefore, concentrate on staging these rooms to lend the most impact. Rooms that do not have as much influence include children’s bedrooms, bathrooms, or guest bedrooms.

2. Depersonalize the Staging Space

When staging a home, you want to remove pictures and personal knick-knacks, and depersonalize the space so a buyer can imagine how his or her stuff will look in the room. In other words, you want to make the room a blank canvas.

Get rid of those personal touches that say the home belongs to the seller, and not the buyer. That includes removing personal items from the bedrooms and bathrooms as well. By depersonalizing the home, you are lying a foundation that will help the buyer better connect the with place. The fewer items you display, the bigger the space, which heightens the desirability of the real estate.

3. Make Everything Super Clean

When staging your home, clean your house like it has never been cleaned before. Even if it is autumn, and spring cleaning is several months away, you want every inch of your house to glisten and shine. Everything in your home – from the corners to baseboards to ceiling, and everything in-between, should be noticeably spotless.

When your home is super clean, it sends the message that you have also taken good care of the other things in the house and maintained them well. The type of cleaning you do to stage a home is similar to the deep clean you do when moving into a house. That means cleaning inside the refrigerator and dusting or cleaning the window blinds.

4. Patch Things Up and Repair Them

When you stage your home, you also want to patch up or repair those little defects that buyers may notice, including scratches, holes, nicks, and other small, but significant, flaws. Any of these types of impurities can signal “neglect” to a potential buyer.

You might start the process by going from room to room and erasing scuffs with a malamine foam eraser. Check any areas that may need a little TLC, and caulk, spackle, and use touch-up paint, as needed. Look for areas where there are cracks in the cement or flooring, or where the paint is chipped or peeling.

5. Neutralize the Color Palette

While vibrant paint colors display a homeowner’s personality, they present a major turn-off for real estate buyers. When staging a home then, you need to downplay any bright paint colors with neutral tones and shades of gray, white, or beige. A bold color only tells a buyer about a home’s past, not its future. By using a neutral palette, you give the buyer the choice to keep things as they are or to add their “own personality” or “colors” to a room.

6. Create a Good First Impression

What will the buyer see when he or she first walks up to your house? Naturally, you want the front entrance to be inviting and impressive. If the house features a front outdoor porch and steps, make sure everything is well-maintained and, again, super clean. Therefore, you might want to give the front a good power-washing before you show your home.

Add a bit of hominess with a basic doormat and 1 or 2 potted plants that look lush and healthy. The last thing you want to do is feature plants that look slightly withered or dying. Set the buyer off on the right foot by creating a first good impression.

7. Keep the Focus on Fresh

Speaking of plants, you may also want to add some well-placed flowers and plants inside the house as well. For example, place a vase of fresh flowers in the middle of a dining room table and add some succulents or a healthy potted plant in a living room corner.

If you do not have a green thumb, you can always add fake plants, which will still make things look more inviting. Also, to keep the focus on “fresh,” make sure to keep your home odor-free. While a deep clean should help, you also need to clear the trash bin so a buyer will not notice any offensive scents. It might also help to install scented plug-ins in key areas. Just make sure you keep the plug-in on a low setting. You want to subtly scent the room, not overpower it with a fragrance.

8. Add Light to Brighten and Enlarge a Space

A dark area is sad and can be depressing. Brighten up your home by allowing the natural sunshine to lighten the house. Open the blinds on the windows, as doing so will increase the light and make the room seem bigger. Just make sure your yard is also well-maintained before you do this.

Switch on all the lights in your home, including the lights in the closet. Adding light makes a home more welcoming and makes it easier for a buyer to see everything without having to fumble for a light switch to see the details of a room or closet space.

9. Rearrange the Furniture

You want to make sure you leave as much open or walkable space as possible for your guests. Doing so will help a potential buyer better navigate a space and envision his or her own furniture in each room. Put any additional furniture in storage and remove any damaged or oversized pieces that do not match a room’s décor. Rearrange the remaining furniture to make the house seem more roomy.

As you can see, you don’t need to spend a lot of money to stage your home or present it for sale. You just need to be smart about how you display things. Ask you real estate agent about suggestions for staging or making specific changes. Do everything you can to make your home both inviting and sellable.

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