A residential neighborhood in Honolulu, Manoa sits 3 miles or 5 kilometers east from the downtown section of Honolulu. The Manoa Valley spans from the Manoa Falls up to King Street. The landscape in Manoa is green and lush. Residents receive rain every day whether they are drenched with a downpour or are doused with a few drops.

A Popular Rainforest Path

The Manoa Falls Trail is a popular hiking trail because of its 150-foot (46-meter) cascade. The path provides an intermediate hike to the falls area. While the waterfall features a nice stream of water after a rain, it may only provide a dribble during the summer when the area is hot and dry.

Visitors to the site are warned about swimming in the pond at the foot of the falls. That is because rockslides have been known to occur at the site. Also, you should not drink the water because of leptospirosis contamination. In humans, the bacterial disease can cause kidney damage or meningitis if left untreated. While you really cannot swim or drink the water, the spot is nice for picture-taking.

The trail to and from the falls is just over 1.5 miles or 2.6 kilometers. Be careful about taking the trail or any path when raining, as you can slip and slide. Because of daily rain showers, it often is raining in Manoa when it is sunny in nearby Waikiki. At this writing, the Monoa Trail is closed until further notice.

Trail Options

As a hiking option, you might want to take the easy Manoa Cliff Trail, which can be found on Round Trip Drive just past Pu’u Ualaka’a State Park. The trail is described as a loop trail; however, some hikers think of it as more of a turnaround. The bamboo and wildflowers make this small trek seem magical, provided you are careful about dodging some of the muddier spots. The Moleka and Ualakaa Trails are easy trails that you can walk with your dog or small kids.

Check the Clouds for Rain

When visiting the Manoa Valley, check the clouds first. If they are dark, rain is in the picture. If you walk any of Monoa’s trails, wear hiking boots. While trails are classified as easy to moderate, you usually have to navigate over mud or rocks. Also, be sure to bring your own water to stay hydrated. Many of the hiking trails in Monoa see a lot of foot traffic each year.

The Residential Area

The Manoa residential area comprises low-rise condominiums and single-family residential homes, a large number built before or during the 1960s. The central shopping hub is the Manoa Marketplace, which features a farmer’s market offering local produce. Located at 2752 Woodlawn Drive, the shopping center features two floors. Retailers, such as Safeway and Longs Drugs, make this site the go-to place for groceries and filling prescriptions.

The University of Hawaii – Manoa

A flagship campus of the University of Hawaii is located in Manoa as well. The large campus includes several student resident and faculty buildings spread out over a large green area.

A Brief Overview of Manoa’s History

Historically, Manoa is known for the growing of coffee and sugarcane. The first crops were planted in 1825. Therefore, the valley once was home to plantations. The Manoa Stream supported agricultural growth during the period. However, more recently, the running body of water turned into a regional concern. Heavy downpours led to an overflow, which affected part of the University of Hawaii and area homes in October 2004.

The Demographic

The area represents a nice balance of workers in an age range from 20 to 65. While the number of married people slightly edge out single people in Manoa’s population, both singles and families, in almost equal numbers, call Manoa home. Most people in the area work in white collar jobs and possess a bachelor’s degree. The largest sector of workers works for private companies.

Manoa is marked by affluence and a variety of ages. As most homes were built during the 1960s, Manoa gives off a small vibe of retro Hawaii.

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